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Julian Sas Band (NL) – Blues Rock Fest 2019

  • blues rock
  • od 23:00 DJ Harosh

The Dutch guitarist Julian Sas can confidently be described as one of the most respected of his kind in continental Europe. Thanks to the musical background of his parents, Sas came into contact with Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Peter Green and of course the guitar god Rory Gallagher at an early age: „The hero for me is Rory Gallagher. Between 1987 and 1992 I saw him live a total of 21 times.“ Meanwhile he has changed his setlist and hardly plays any Gallagher titles. His own repertoire has become so extensive and stylistically diversified that he doesn’t need to hide it. It is no longer appropriate to regard Julian Sas as a pure Gallagher interpreter. His most recent album, the 16th, with the characteristic title „Stand Your Ground“, is now his most ambitious. It was recorded analogue and is produced in the typical style of the 70s. Blues- and Classic-Rock, a lot of groove, hard Hammond organ sounds and driving bass are alternating and leave a massive impression. On the upcoming tour through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe Julian Sas will prove that he has finally arrived in the top league.

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